“If you have an idea, even if it’s not what you ever imagined yourself doing, go for it. It’s better to try something and fail, than to look back and never have tried at all.” - Marcy Miller, Owner of Organic Sandwich Company


If you follow us on Instagram, you probably have noticed that we enjoy meeting people and tapping into their secrets about how to live as awesome human beings. We're constantly learning from the amazing people we get to work with; from the most deep down, true, honest tips for a long and healthy marriage to the most efficient ways to compost. We love getting to know people; it's our passion.


Of all the projects we've worked on since being in Colorado, there was one that really stood out for us. We were drawn to Marcy because of her obvious dedication to running a sustainability conscious and locally driven company. This is her story.


Marcy Miller grew up in the midwest. She learned from a young age how to cook with ingredients grown in her own backyard. This was something that she ever forgot, and she went on to use this knowledge later in life to create something bigger. After deciding that her original career path was not where her heart was, Marcy went on a mission to bring a new concept to her community.


Marcy, with her sister, fought their way into the Boulder Farmers Market with a new idea. They took advantage of all the goodness that was brought to one place, and use it all to create their own specialty item. They went around to local vendors’ stands, bought their products, and used those goods to make and sell sandwiches. And, Organic Sandwich Company was born.


What started as a Farmer’s Market takeover has now evolved into a thriving business on Boulder’s most visited street. Marcy’s original passion behind buying and using local, organic ingredients still holds as a strong pillar of her business, and that's one of the things we love most about Marcy and her Sandwich Company; she never lost vision of her strong and intentional business practices. You can hear it in her voice when she speaks about the environment and how important it is to her that she makes a positive impact to support her community; this is more than just a job to her.


“We care a lot about serving local products. It’s important to me that we support our local friends and help our local entrepreneurs out, and keep our money in our local economy.”

We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such inspiring individuals who are making a positive impact. Old Saw Success Stories in a nutshell!

PC: Thomas Deschenes / Andrew Bydlon

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